Solving the 
Homer's Phthia



Homer’s Phthia, the homeland of Achilles, hero of the Trojan War and kingdom of his father King Peleus, has eluded the scientific community of scholars for some 3200 years.  Many towns in the Thessalian tetrad of Ancient Phthiotida, three hours northwest of Athens, claim their site as the palace of Achilles.  Clearly, Achilles belongs to all Thessalians, Hellenes, and the world community.  References from ancient writers and many others, including the President of “The Achilles Foundation,” clearly identify Pharsala as his capital city.  As he stated in his third article on Achilles, summer of 2007:

"With the identification of Homer’s Phthia in southeastern Thessaly at Pharsala the time is ripe for that godlike legend, Achilles, hero of the Trojan War, to fulfill his destiny – facing death in order to live eternally.  History lost in the shadows and ravages of time (3200 years) can now rightfully be returned to his people – the people of the Pelasgian Argos in Thessaly whom  Homer called Hellenes from Hellas and Phthia, the kingdom of Achilles and his father Peleus."

“The Achilles Foundation” is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization as designated by the Internal Revenue Service in September 2009.  Along with other funding sources being developed it has been established as a Florida corporation primarily in support of “The Achilles Project” in Greece plus the development of other key ancient sites as time, staffing, funding, and government approvals allow.  To provide for summer, on-site accommodations, meeting and storage facilities for researchers, archaeologists, students, etc. an “Achilles Research and Education Center” is planned for in Greece.  Future plans call for a similar site in Florida to provide a central location for the Foundation and its work.  Donation of such facilities is vital for the continuing viability of the Foundation.  The objective is to provide for research and archaeological activities in Greece as well as education and follow-on preservation activities in the United States.  The Florida center will be slated to develop into an institution of higher learning, “The Achilles College.”

Along with the resurrection of the homeland of Achilles, many ancient sites lay dormant waiting for interested institutions.  Among these is the site where Greece received its name,  Hellas, also the site of Asclepius at Trikala, the world’s first medical healer whose health spas doted the eastern Mediterranean, plus the magnificent sites surrounding the city of Volos, all these sites located in the province of Thessaly.  These are just a sampling of the hundreds typically lying dormant covered by several feet of earth accumulated over the centuries – the lost beauty that was the glory of ancient Greece.


While most Greek Americans through their parents or grandparents have resided in the United States for some 100 years our heritage in Greece extends back some 3000 years and more.  Help us to discover and resurrect these sites and pass on a legacy from our historic background that the world continues to admire and as a byproduct restore the local economy of a vibrant nation.  Philhellenes have also been a welcome support group to such projects.

YOUR DONATION IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  (1) Make checks out to “The Achilles Foundation,” and mail to:  SunTrust Bank, 2350 Solomons Island Rd., Annapolis, MD 21401.  On the bottom left of your check, write “For account ending 842,” or (2) Send your check to our Foundation address also provided herein. From these donations of money or property, no matter how large or small, a “Friends of Achilles” support group will be developed to among other things provide information on the progress of our activities as well as a future newsletter and articles of interest.

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